Thursday, January 14, 2016

Search for Spring time

 Do you like strolling outdoors with your camera?
For me it is a meditation and time to breathe and a time to notice.
So yesterday I took my camera outdoors in search of spring.
Do you search for spring at this time of year?
Well I found it!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't believe it!
There it was, right in my own backyard.
Daffodils poking through the grass.
Crocus wrapped in tissue paper thin beginnings
and shining through the dried leaves of autumn.
I know for many of you, these signs won't show up for quite awhile yet.
But I just had to share the hope of spring time to come.
In the meantime, just the search and a deep breath will give us peace.
Notice what you Notice!


Gail said...

Great find! Gives me hope :-) We are living in a 'snow globe' Western NY is very snowy. Thanks for the peek into Spring
Love Gail

Sylvia said...

With this weather down south, one day cold the next warm, the poor plants don't know if to stay under ground or come up! I did see some daffodils trying to bloom the other day, but then we had frost!

Linda P said...

It's uplifting to see bulbs pushing through the earth. I'm never very successful with growing crocuses in the lawn. You must be pleased to see some pushing through. Today we had the first fall of snow although it didn't last long this time. I decided not to go out as with the change in the weather it's very cold. Perhaps tomorrow?

Jeanie said...

I had a few of those poking up in early January. Not anymore. I fear their growth may be stunted by our cold and rain. I hope not...but you never know.

Geoff said...

I'm not ready for it to be Spring, yet!!!

Sheila said...

Nothing growing yet, this far North. Our weather has been mild and wet, alternating with severe cold and snow. Other years this has made for a poor showing come Spring. We can but hope...xx

Tracy said...

Ooo... how wonderful--spring sightings!! We're knee-deep in snow here, so spring feels VERY long away... LOL! So good to be here catching up with you, Marilyn I've been in a post-holidays slump... And tech woes here too! ((HUGS))

Angela McRae said...

My daffodils were coming up last week too, but now it's turned freezing here. Not sure if they'll be confused or if they'll go to sleep and come back out at the proper time!

Mary said...

I have some of those little green pointy things shooting up too - bit too soon really! Hope they survive the chill.

Hugs - Mary