Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tasting Flowers

 Each month through the cold winter months the WuWo Tea Ceremony
group tastes tea.  This month the theme was flowers.
We tasted varieties of tea blossoms, jasmine, osmanthus, and lotus.
 In this pot dried tea flowers were beginning to steep.
Some of the flowers we tasted were just plain flowers and
some were mixed with tea.
Interestingly and to my surprise I most often liked the straight flowers better.
I had never tasted dried tea flowers before.
For me it had a back note of anise or licorice, which I found fascinating.
I do believe I will start drying my tea blossoms this year.
The jasmine we tasted plain and then as a jasmine pearl.
Both were quite good.
Osmanthus flowers and the lotus, both I preferred with just the blossoms
to get the full flavor of the flowers.  We did try both of these also mixed with oolong teas.

Have you sipped flowers?
Do you have a favorite?
Something fun on a cold winter day.


Jeanie said...

I've never tasted flowers either. (And right now it's so cold, I think you just motivated me to put the kettle on.) I don't have flowers for it, but I think it might be a ginger peace day. Or maybe Earl Grey!

Rosemary said...

Now that sounds like a very interesting experience! It's ideal to know the flavors of the flowers before adding them to tea.

Angela McRae said...

I don't believe I have sipped flowers that weren't blended with something else … but I'd be willing to give them a try!

Aries Timber said...

This is worth trying, I never tried sipping pure dried flowers.

Belinda Stewart said...

There are some edible flowers, those are preferable flowers to add up on our tea.

Billy Travis said...

I wonder how it will taste mixing these flower teas, there might be someone who's expert in brewing such kind of tea and extracting its taste. This would be great innovation for tea industries.