Friday, January 29, 2016


Taking a photography class online that is about still life photos 
and embracing stillness into our lives, this photo was taken.
The roses shared here were already about a week old
sitting in a broken pitcher.
Somehow the brokenness and on the edge of death spoke to me. 
This week we were encouraged to think how we find stillness.
As I sat in the tire shop waiting to have my tires rotated this week,
I wrote in my journal.
Isn't it amazing how sometimes your pen takes you to a different
place than you expect?
What I found for me is that even if my home is empty of others 
where I find stillness is outdoors, walking alone with my camera,
taking photos of nature.  There I find stillness and it makes my heart sing.
I realized as a child I was never indoors, but growing up in California
this was possible.
When my mother would ask me to do cleaning indoors I would
barter with her to do yard work.
Laughing because I never learned to cook and clean, 
but I could certain wield the pruning shears. 
Heading outdoors to find my stillness.

Think about it, where do you find stillness?

Happy weekend, dear friends!
I hope you find stillness in your weekend.


Lorrie said...

That's a good question, Marilyn. I find stillness outdoors, at the ocean's edge particularly, but also in my own garden. Stillness comes to me indoors as well, sitting and reading, or even while stirring something slowly and methodically on the stove. Beautiful roses!

Lady Linda said...

I can tell you love to be outdoors. I do enjoy your posts and photos Marilyn. I don't always get around to your blog, but I am glad you are on FB!

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, we are much alike with our stillness. Alone, often outside. Interestingly, my stillness will not necessarily be in a quiet environment -- it may be by the water or with birdsong. But I also find it inside with a good book or creative art project.

Tracy said...

Oh, so lovely... and I rather like the week-old droop. They've lived a little, those roses. ;) This roses portrait is very beautiful, Marilyn. And you so eloquently express the discovery of things--inner things especially. I have a great fondness for stillness. For quiet--I rather crave quiet most of the time. I feel better, think better, do better, etc. in quieter surroundings. Thought I love being outdoors, and can find much peace outside, I do tend to be indoors more. I suppose because, depending on where I am, I can control the quiet level. ;) ((HUGS))