Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Adventures with Tea

 Do you see the difference in the tea color from the first
cup to the second?  It is Butterfly Pea Flowers a friend shared with me.
After steeping it is a dark blue, then when you add lemon it turns purple.
Quite fun, but the flavor not that great.

 Then another friend asked what I like keeping close around me
and how would I portray that in a photo.
Again tea things, but also cameras.
I love taking pictures of tea times.
Then an adventure to an antique shop is always fun to see what
tea things we can spot.
Can you picture sitting here sipping tea?
One lump or two?
I will warm the water for your tea right here.
Stop by for a cup and savor each sip.
Happy tea drinking day!
What adventures are you taking with tea?


Ginger said...

The color change of the butterfly tea is neat. I could see children enjoying this experiment.

Bernideen Canfield said...

All very interesting Marilyn and great photos. Thanks for sharing and linking.

Laura M said...

Wow, the tea is so pretty!

martea said...

So happy you enjoyed the butterfly tea color change. I agree that the taste was not so great.

Rosemary said...

The tea is interesting - does it have blue food coloring added to the tea leaves that cause it to steep blue? Loved all the photos... would enjoy a visit to the antique shop!

Jeanie said...

Blue tea, purple tea! This is way fun! I'll be little D gets a kick out of this one!