Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Dorchester Afternoon Tea

I had dreamed for a long time of attending the Chelsea Flower Show
in London, so it was a dream come true this May to finally be there.
Our adventure was planned to include that date for me and my "live-in gardener".
Since I am the planner of the family, it was decided that we would start 
with tulips in the Netherlands and end with flowers in London
with as many tea time experiences in between.
What delight to find the combination of flowers and tea.
The Dorchester Hotel had set up a tearoom right at the flower show.
With reservations made we savored the afternoon
reminiscing on the special trip we were completing
and beginning to think of home.
The perfect afternoon started with a sparkling juice cocktail
and piano music to delight our souls.
Each sandwich was delicious.
From left to right:
Roast chicken with Pommery mustard on basil bread
Egg mayonnaise with shallot confit and shiso cress on white bread
Smoked salmon with sweet mustard and dill on granery bread
Cucumber with mint butter on caraway seed bread
More was offered and a take away box given at the end of the day.
It seemed that I delighted in another Darjeeling tea here too.
Darjeeling just seemed to fit perfectly with afternoon tea as we traveled.
This table was set up very near our table for a photo shoot.
There was a professional photographer taking photos,
but I took one or two myself.
When I looked at The Dorchester Hotel website
this setting looked like it came right from the hotel.
Beautiful, serene, and very much as our table looked.
The wait staff was plenty and always nearby to assist
and bring more food.
Ohhhhh, how I love soft pink fresh roses on the table.
The scones (raisin and plain) were delicious and
served with Cornish  cream, strawberry jam, a seasonal jam,
and lemon curd.
I wasn't sure we were suppose to eat the pail of dirt, but
dug into a delicious chocolate mousse.
Do you see the rock in the grass?
We set them aside thinking they really were rocks,
but soon learned they were chocolate.  Yummm!
All of the sweets fit delightfully well with the garden theme of the show.
Two photos of the sweets, so you can see each from a different angle.
The peach I think was my favorite with a light peachy confection inside.
The dessert with the candied pansy was rhubard and also delicious.
Then a basket of chocolate flowers with the ladybug on the side.
And finally the butterfly with a roll I think of spicy pumpkin.
When we were finished we were given a bag, which at first
I thought were our sweets which we saved for later;
but no there was a treat bag of lovely tea and sweet jars of 
strawberry, basil, lime jam.  Very good and what a treat!
Then came a box with more food to take with us, 
which we enjoyed later in the evening.
Oh we were treated so well and will never forget
afternoon tea at The Dorchester and the Chelsea Flower Show.
Come back tomorrow as I have so many beautiful flowers
to share from the show before heading home.

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Robin said...

Scrumptious - the food, the setting - the photos!You know I am not much of a *Tea Girl*...but once, when I lived in England (eons ago) I did make a good *cuppa*! Those sandwiches....my mouth is watering! The desserts....again, not much of a *Sweet Girl* either...but give me Cornish or Devon Clotted Cream on a piece of fruit...and I am in Heaven! As for the *Professional Photographers*...ahem...you m' dear take gorgeous photos! Professional to me!

Great post!

♥♥ Robin ♥♥

Rosemary said...

Another memorable tea time! Thank you for sharing this extra special tea - love the creativity and how they tied the experience to the Chelsea Flower Show. Last year at this time we were in London and just beginning our adventure of taking tea and strolling gardens.

martea said...

Just beautiful! An edible garden stroll that I would really enjoy~

organicgardendreams said...

Hi Marilyn, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
I am so delighted to see that you recently have been in England as well. Lucky you that you went to the Chelsea Flower Show. Having such an elaborate tea there must have been the icing on the cake. Everything is prepared exquisitely, what a joy to see the tea treats. Thank you so much for sharing!
Warm regards,

Mary said...

Lucky you going to the wonderful Chelsea Flower show - I've never managed that! The tea looked awesome and I loved how they carried the feeling of the show through with flowers and bugs!

I could just eat a fresh baked scone with jam and cream - the thought makes me homesick!

Mary x

Teresa said...

Beautiful Tea! What a lovely afternoon. How exciting to enjoy tea at the flower show!
Sips and Smiles,

Jeanie said...

What a fabulous experience! It's so elegant (and it looks so delicious!) The take-away bag was a wonderful surprise and frosting on the teacake, so to speak! Oh, how I would love this!