Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mad Tea Party 2016

Let the tea party begin.
Bread and Butterflies
Jello Pinwheels
Nutella and fruit sandwich
Egg Salad with tomato butterflies
Blueberry Rooibos tea
Chocolate cake

The guests have arrived with wings intact.
Real boys wear pink wings and butterfly tattoos.

More tea please.
Yes, we were on our best behavior.
We even poured the tea.

More tea?

Some tea for me.
Let the games begin, our tummies are quite full.
This is how we roll at the end of tea party time.
Thanks, Joanne, for this last photo, I love it!
Oh what fun we had.

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Rosemary said...

Just too adorable!

martea said...

Amazing! Everyone and everything is just adorable. What fun ways you found to incorporate butterflies into all the food!

Bernideen said...

Adorable - fanciful - fun- sparkling!

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness! What cutie patooties! I love your party. It looks like you had a fab time.

Teresa said...

What memories you are making! It looks like a great time was had by all.
Sips and Smiles,

Calamitous Botanicus said...

What lovely fairies you had for tea! Such cute guests and what delicious looking treats.
When my son was little pink was his favorite color. Of course that all changed once he started school so I had to laugh when I saw his engagement photo and discovered he was wearing a pink shirt to match his fiancé's dress. Yes, real men do wear pink!
Thanks for a delightful time. Cheers, Sarah

L aura's Reading said...

Oh my! How you roll!
A great time was had by all.

I think I shall use "bread and Butterflies" on my next party menu.

Please come and visit. I have shared some Mad Music.

Danzel @Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes said...

Darling! I love the bread and butterflies.

Anne said...

What a delightful party!! I know you all had a grand time!
Thank you so much for your hospitality, Dear! Happy Mad Tea-ing!

Magaly Guerrero said...

You certainly have the cutest guests I've seen today, my lady. I'm taken by the wings and tattoos, and by the hot wheels. How much fun this must've been!

Happy Mad Tea Party! ♥

Jane K said...

Oh please can I have a pair of pink fairy wings so I can join in the fun? I love all your butterfly food. It was the most magical of parties.

Ginger said...

How fun!

Bill said...

You had me with the jello pinwheels! I do apologize. I didn't mean to make a pig of myself, but the treats were too good to eat just one! My wife won't let me wear wings, but I certainly enjoyed seeing the little ones in theirs. Thanks for a wonderful time!

Justina Carubia said...

Dearest Marilyn!
It was the most splendid tea party, and those jello pin wheels were most mesmerizing! The little fairy wee ones looked like they had such a mischievous and magickal time! <3 Thanks for inviting me :-D

Lynda Shoup said...

What a magical tea party! I love children's tea parties - sure that they will remember them as part of the magic of childhood. Old as I am, I remember the tea parties my mother put on for us at this age. You have added so many lovely details. Well done!

Tamara said...

such a sweet party..the guests are adorable and your banner and paper decorations are lovely! Have a happy week <3


Anonymous said...

Absolute cutie pies...wings, treats, and sweetest of smiles. :)

I'm a day-late to the fun and just now getting around to each party, but if you haven't already, do drop by and say hi. :)
~ Misha

Art @ Home said...

Well I am delighted to be in the company of such precious partiers! What cute little fairies. Your party is enchanting. Thanks for having me!

Happy Mad Tea Party!
Ricki Jill

Lynzie Coller said...

Such sweet little ones! They make this post so sweet! Excellent job!

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

Now that's a tea party! You can "feel" the fun in the photos.

Emily Rose said...

This was a delightful tea party, I loved how much fun the kids were having! I too find that it's important to have your wings in place when you're at a tea party. I ended up falling into your Potter birthday post as well, just delightful! Thank you so much!

Ms Misantropia said...

Very cute!

Mary said...

Looks like you outdid yourself with this year's tea party Marilyn, fabulous in every way. I see little D was a big help with the tea pouring, and that last pic of you with him and the pretty blonde girl is such a keeper!

Hugs - Mary

Steph said...

Love it!!

maribell Caban said...

Adorable!!! My sdon Joshua has autism & wants a Mad Hatter's Birthday Tea. I am loving your photos! Sweet :) Thank you for sharing & for the books!!! So excited!!! :) xo

curtis03 Lewis said...

Wow! This is the cutest tea party that I have come across lately. It’s extraordinary! I can also find one of the good venues in Chicago and have a tea party on my daughter’s birthday. She always wants to accompany to one but now I can just organize a good one for her.