Monday, July 11, 2016

Note from the Garden

 The Wednesday morning Honeybee hike for children, mostly 5 and under.
Wishing this was my cottage.
  Watching for fish in the river.
 Honey bees, of course.
 The children's garden where they could water
and eat things from the garden.
 Blue Evergreen Hydrangea from SE Asia
 Wild non-edible Strawberry, really tempting to the
little ones.
 A river runs through the gardens.
 Oregon Grape, Oregon's flower.
Leach Botanical  Gardens on a cool summer morning,
hiking with my grandson.
Honeybees living in the tree behind my home.
We need to protect our surroundings and offer homes for the honeybees.
They bring so much to the table of life.


Mary said...

Marilyn I'm amazed at the many bees - are they actually in your garden?
Do they bother you, ever sting you? Someone told me often you can have a beekeeper come and remove them to another location where they have a hive.
We have a small nest near our front steps and I've been trying to figure what to do as we don't know a beekeeper who is looking for more bees. We don't want to kill them but also don't want to be stung. I think they are honeybees, they are small and definitely not yellow jackets or hornets. Do honey bees usually attack when disturbed?

Is the Oregon Grape actually a mahonia? that's a lovely place for children, can imagine D having a fun time. Were the mosquitoes a problem?

Gosh sorry for so many questions!!!

Hugs - Mary

Joy said...

What a fun hike for children!

Rosemary said...

Nature in all its glory. What a wonderful adventure with the little guy!

Jeanie said...

Absolutely enchanting. The children must have loved it!

Laura M said...

What gardens!

martea said...

What a wonderful activity to offer children...

Honeybees! Always welcomed to my gardens with thanks for their work.