Monday, July 25, 2016

Notes from the Garden

 Lunch time did include a special tea.
 My friend, A, invited me to sit in her garden.
She can be very proud of this garden that she built from
bare land.  The amazing array of birds thank her each day
by coming to delight and feed right there in her garden.

Taking time to sit in a friend's garden is
 a true delight to the soul.


Mary said...

Just so beautiful - friends who have gardens to share are always so much fun to visit.
I know how hard the work to keep a lovely garden going can be - I have one! You know you're always welcome my dear!
Mary x

Lorrie said...

It's so lovely to wander around a garden with a friend. She has a wonderful green thumb.

Laura M said...

Those little birds! All the plants and blueberries!