Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Welcome to Babington's Tea Rooms

On the back of the menu there is a quote:
..."(he) who with tea amuses the evening,
with tea solaces the midnight,
and with tea welcomes the morning"
Samuel Johnson
Literary Magazine, 1757
The gift shop, where I purchased one tin of Babington's Special Blend.
It is a combination of Ceylon, Darjeeling, and China teas.

Our waitress. All the wait staff wore the same dress with the Babington kitty all over it.

Teapots, one for hot water and one for tea.
Note the kitties on the top and also the pot holder that looped over the kitty.

We had the Babington's Special High Tea.
The sandwiches were salmon, egg cream, cucumber, and tuna.
They were very nice, but I think I would order one of their salads if
I were to visit again. The salads looked beautiful.
The Hot Buttered Crumpets were delicious with Canadian maple syrup.
We met two ladies at the next table from Great Britain and had a lovely chat about tea.
They had come to Rome for the day and were celebrating the beginning of their day with tea at Babington's. Tea seems to bring about celebrations of beginnings and endings.

Tea at Babington's was the ending celebration on our trip of many colours.