Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Murano and Burano

A glassblower on the Island of Murano.
I had hoped to see more of the glassblowing island, but the stop was short. The glass was beautiful. The glassblower made this horse in about 4 minutes.
From the moment we approached the Island of Burano, I was captivated. The tower was leaning too. The colours of the world were definitely a part of this beautiful little island. It is known for lacemaking and multi colored houses. The houses definitely caught my eye.

A lace maker.

Isn't the colour beautiful? Each house a different colour.

Colour even in the pastries. We stopped at this small bakery for a cookie and came out with a bag of cookies and a nice slice of nugget filled with pastichios and candied fruit. We nibbled the rest of the trip home. Perfect with a cup of tea.

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Annie said...

Good morning Marilyn. I've seen so many posts of Murano recently. I think this would be my favorite place of any trip I would take. Just love the place and I haven't even been there.