Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On to Rome

Eye candy along the way. Our first stop at a bakery and gelato shop.
Pillars and Obelisks everywhere we went.

Peeking inside a shopping mall. Now does this look like any shopping mall you have seen?

Trevi Fountain
It was so full of people we couldn't get down to toss a coin in.
We were warned to watch our pockets here, but we were fortunate not to have any pick pocket problems.
Ahh! Babington's Tea Rooms
Flying into Rome we had one afternoon to explore before joining the cruise ship.
We decided to follow the walking tour listed in Rick Steve's book on Rome.
It was suggested as a night walking tour, but we took it in the afternoon. We found Rome confusing to adjust to directions and the walking tour was the perfect way to become familiar with directions and locations of sights.
We soon found ourselves in Nuvona Piazza, where there once were chariott races. Then wandering down narrow passageways past obelisks and pillars, stopping for our first gelato of the trip, we came to Trevi Fountain. We stood enjoying the sights and sounds of so many people clustered around the fountain, as we ate our gelato. For 1 euro I had a large scoop of raspberry and another scoop of pistachio - what a bargain and so good.
Next we were on our way to the Spanish Steps to find Babington's Tea Rooms at the foot of the steps. What is it about finding a tea room in another country for us lovers of tea? It is like coming home and taking a break from the chaotic crazy world for a few minutes.
Since we were not ready to eat I just bought tea with the promise to come back at the end of our trip for the full tea experience. Our full tea experience was at the end of the trip, but I will share it tomorrow.


Steph said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous imagery! And so cool to find that famous tea room!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,I'm not an active member of ATAA but I do read every post and I'm planning to go on the London tea tour with Denise in March.I was reading your post this morning and saw that you just came back from a three week trip to Europe and a cruise.I couldn't believe it because my husband and I also did just get back on the 7th of Oct. We left on Sept 17th.I was curious if we were on the same ship or crossed paths while there.If you would like to talk about your trip please email me at sandijames2000@yahoo.com.Sandi

Anonymous said...

I Was just reading threw your blog and can't believe what a small world it is.You were on the same ship as my husband and I!!!! I'm sure we would have crossed paths.We were also at tea every day they had it.We spent 4 days in Roam on the 5th day we took a train to civitavecchia and spent the night then boarded the ship the next day.O our return we spent one day in Rome.Sandi

Britt-Arnhild said...

My favorite city in the whole world. And yes of course I know the mall. They have a wonderful book and music shop where I have bought all my Roberto Murolo cds.