Friday, October 24, 2008

Cafe Florian

A picture from Cafe Florian's brochure. Yes, the inside did look like this.
Cafe Florian was opened on December 29th, 1720 in St. Mark's Square in Venice.
Indeed the oldest tearoom I have ever had the pleasure of drinking tea in.

For tea I had a pot of Te Mosaico Veneziano, which was a black tea with orange
rind and lavender flowers. My sandwich was a shrimp sandwich with a little red cabbage.
The shrimp was held together with something that looked and tasted like french dressing mixed with mayonaise. It was quite good.
The presentation was lovely, brought out on a large silver tray and placed before us. My husband had a beautiful salad with shavings of ham. I thought even the little paper potholder for the teapot was cute.

We purchased a small box of tea to go, which came in a nice purse shaped box.

Now I don't know who these people are. They are tourists having tea outside. If you look closely inside the window you will see me sitting at the tea table.
Live music was being played out on the plaza. For the enjoyment of having tea at Cafe Florian, we were charged extra for the music. A once in a life time experience that I will never forget. Sometimes the price is worth it.


Annie said...

Such a timeless place. So beautiful. As they say in the final line of that fun commercial - and I paraphrase here -

"Tea at the Cafe Floria? Priceless."

La Tea Dah said...

Simply divine! Wow, what a beautiful place --- perfect for a 'tea of your lifetime'! What wonderful memories you created --- and I can see you in that picture --- smiling so prettily.

Enjoy a lovely day!

Linda said...

I am continuing to enjoy your lovely photos and memories of a fabulous trip!

Anonymous said...

Hi marilyn,I also bought tea at the Florian.It is a Darjeeling.I sadly didn't get to have tea .We ran out of time looking at all the wonderful shops and getting pictures.I will go there if I ever return to Venice again. Sandi

Steph said...

Wow - look at that gold leafing! Just gorgeous!