Monday, October 13, 2008

It must be Amsterdam, it is Sunday

Flowers in one of the stalls at the Flower Market
There were many bulbs at the Flower Market.
These Amarylis bulbs were so big and displayed so beautifully.

A church just around the corner from Anne Franks secret hideaway.
My computer is not happy with me downloading 850 pictures and I may have lost a few from Amsterdam in the process. I hope to find them soon.
Walking through Amsterdam we found bicycles everywhere. Crossing the street was tricky moving through the rows of bicycles.
Jet lag was definitely a problem as we began the trip.
We were in bed by 7PM each of the two nights in Amsterdam.
We had no idea there were so many canals in this city, but walking through the city on a quiet Sunday morning was beautiful.
When I was in school I had written a paper on Anne Frank and have always been facinated by her story. It was amazing to be stepping through the halls and rooms where she, her family, and others had hidden away. I hadn't realized that the building they hid in was her father's jam business. While they were making jam in the bottom floors above were family hiding for their life. It was very touching.
Sunday morning in the Flower Market was the perfect way to walk and observe the people shopping there. We brought blue tulips home and hope to have them growing in our garden next spring.
From the window of the Hestia B&B we could see flocks of bright green parrots feeding in the bird feeder. What a sight.
So the colour for Amsterdam would have to be blue for the water of the canals, blue tulips, and green parrots.


Alice said...

Oh, thank you for taking me along through your words and pictures. It sounds all so wonderful. Where are we going next? :)

Janice said...

Delightful. I enjoy reading about Amsterdam. I am traveling there with Talk Cinema next month for the Amsterdam International Documentary Festival. The trip is from November 20-25. If anyone is interested in joining us, they are such wonderful people to travel with, you can get some info at their website.