Thursday, January 15, 2009

Book Mark Collection

For many years I have had a collection that doesn't cost me anything. It is a simple collection that comes to me in the mail, at the store as a free hand-out, in a magazine, or a friend gives to me. They don't take up much room, but can be enjoyed. I keep them in a small basket by my books because that is where I often need to grab a bookmark. In grabbing a bookmark last evening I realized it had the story of Ti Guan Yin tea; so I looked to see how many tea related bookmarks I had. I found 7 tea bookmarks. What a fun, inexpensive collection.

The Ti Guan Yin story on my bookmark is as follows:

One legend of Ti Guan Yin came when a tea grower from ancient China dreamed of Guan Yin, a lady ascended master in China representing Mercy. He was guided in his dream to search for some trees (later known to be tea trees) near his house. After he woke up, he immediately approached the spot and found the trees that Guan Yin showed him in the dream.

Tea made from those tealeaves was totally awesome. Proper Ti Guan Yin must be made from certain tea trees also named Ti Guan Yin and follow a lengthy process of tea making, easily up to 100 hours for any given batch of fine Ti Guan Yin. Its refined aroma is in a class by itself.

The bewildering scent of Ti Guan Yin brings with it a very powerful essence of fruit and flower mix. Dry tealeaves of Ti Guan Yin are of beady rolled shape with a green and brownish color. The liquid of Ti Guan Yin is best without a charcoal burnt smell.

For those who adore to maturity and sensitivity that comes with tea, Ti Guan Yin is definitely a must to have!
Now see what I learned on a bookmark.


Laurie said...

Even the simplest of collections can shed wisdom! Thanks for the Lesson!

Annie said...

I agree. simple and is good. I have bookmarks from everywhere I shop for books. They make great memory keepers.


parTea lady said...

What a great idea. I will look for a suitable container to leave on my nightstand and start collecting bookmarks. Thanks for the interesting story of Ti Guan Yin tea.

Linda said...

Nice collection of tea bookmarks!