Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grandpa's China

The family story has always been that my Grandpa bought this set of Haviland & Co. Limoges from a lady in the mountains of Colorado. That she painted the design on a blank set of china for my Grandpa. I love the china and have looked for more pieces in antique stores. Several years ago I found a couple pieces in an antique shop in Wyoming. This is the only place I have seen pieces with this pattern. After researching in china books and talking to the antique dealer in Wyoming I found that the family story was not correct. The china pattern was created for the Burlington Railroad and in fact is not hand painted, but a decal. I still love the violets and daisies, but it has a new story to tell.
Come sit a spell and have tea with me. We can share stories of time gone past and learn more of what makes our heart sing.
This china now belongs to me and when the holidays come each year my family enjoys our holiday meals on violets and daisies.