Thursday, January 1, 2009

On Wings of an Eagle

As we enter 2009, fly with me on the wings of an eagle.
Rejoice in the flight.
Let your spirit soar.
Take heart and know this will be a good year.
Laugh and Love
Take Joy!
Happy New Year from me to you!
Picture taken December 29th in Pt. Ludlow, WA.


Rosemary said...

Fun! I'm right there with you, on wings of an eagle. Beautiful photo.
Happy New Year Marilyn!

Laurie said...

Beautiful thoughts to go with the beautiful picture. Happy New Year Marilyn, I look forward to following you in 2009!

Laurie said...

Hey Mariln, I just got tagged and am passing it along. Details on my blog!

Annie said...

I like your new header, Marilyn.

Steph said...

Breath taking. wow