Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Amish Quilts

The Amish quilt is one I fell in love with in Ohio several years ago. I love the dark colors of an Amish quilt. The Amish quilt is most often dark because the fabrics are sometimes taken from worn out clothes and they wear dark simple colors with nothing wasted. Their quilts are made for functionality and are often a simple design, such as the 9 patch quilt. You will see black quilting stitches are used in many of the quilts.
A book that I have read a couple of times is by Sue Bender, Plain and Simple - A Woman's Journey to the Amish. In this book she writes about living for a few months with the Amish after being drawn to them by their quilts.
A quote from the book that explains very clearly the Amish people - "Making a batch of vegetable soup, it's not right for the carrot to say I taste better than the peas, or the pea to say I taste better than the cabbage. It takes all the vegetables to make a good soup!"Worrying about the outcome robs of the joy of simply doing the work. No one person stands out. A mistake in the midst of a well thought out plan, serves as an opening to let the spirit come in. Thus a "mistake" may be built into the quilt. The "work is enjoyable, important and should be respected." This spirit shines through an Amish woman's quilt.
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Steph said...

Lovely! I love quilts. I've never made one, but I'm curious to try a small effort.