Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vintage Apron

Front of Vintage Apron
Back of Vintage Apron
For 25 years I worked in the world of apparel as a patternmaker. I worked for Jantzen and Nike. The sewn items you see on are my patterns. I have been asked over the years if I have certain fabric patterns for my aprons and tea cozies. Not being able to have individual fabric patterns for each person's desires it finally hit me, why not sell the patterns then you can make it or have someone else make it for you. Why I hadn't thought of that sooner, I don't know. But finally here is the beginning of Marmalady's Patterns. Starting the first of May they should be on my website for sale or contact me by email during April and they may be ready. I will feature a different one of the patterns during the next month.
The Vintage Apron pattern is a copy of an apron I found several years ago in an antique shop in Portland. I wear it everytime I am representing Marmalady's at a show. So many people have asked me about it and I finally have made the pattern for you. It is very comfortable, as there is no binding tie around the waist. I love wearing it. On my website the ready made apron is only one size. The pattern will have four sizes in it and will fit everyone from Small (4) to XLarge (20).


Linda J. said...

My grandmothers, mother and aunts all wore aprons. I did not appreciate them until recently. I love your vintage-style apron! Congratulations on the products you are adding to the Marmalady's line.

Relyn said...

OH! Good luck with your new venture. It will be wonderful. I do love aprons. LOVE THEM.

Steph said...

I'm so excited!

Annie said...

Very cozy looking, M, and so nostalgic. Makes me think of my grandma.

La Tea Dah said...

I love the design --- it's lovely! How awesome to have a pattern so everyone can select their own fabric. Congratulations on another 'retirement' dream. Pretty soon your dreams are going to take you right back out of retirement! LOL!

:) LaTeaDah