Monday, March 2, 2009

Swedish Quilts

Quilts are found in many different countries. This book features many beautiful quilts made in Sweden during the late 1800-1930's.
The most popular pattern used was the Log Cabin quilt, which is my favorite too.
Quilts tell a story. This quilt was considered a crazy quilt and was made of wool.
Another form of a crazy quilt made of cotton.
During this time period many people in Sweden were extremely poor. The only way to have a blanket or covering to sleep under was to use odds and ends pieces of fabric, plus pieces of old clothes to make quilt. When Asa Wettre, author of Old Swedish Quilts, started collecting quilts, people wouldn't even acknowledge having old quilts in the attic because they just considered them old rags. It wasn't until later that people would reluctantly bring them out and start telling the stories behind the making of the quilt. The book ends with a touching story of an elderly lady in a nursing home that kept asking for her quilt. Finally it was brought to her and she shared the stories of her life through the quilt. There were snippets of her dress as a child, her wedding dress, and even a piece of the pants of a son that died. Each piece in the quilt had a story.


Anonymous said...

What memories....thank you!

I have pieces of dresses from my great-grandmother down through my baby dresses and have always intended to make a quilt from them. It may not ever happen, but just the thought of it is wonderful. Your post prompts me to think about it again.

La Tea Dah said...

What a wonderful post! I love the Swedish quilts and all the pictures you shared.

Thank you!