Friday, March 27, 2009

Springtime Teapot

It is time to bring out the springtime teapot. It comes out with the blossoms and birds that are making their appearance. Even though I might tell you, "I don't collect teapots". My cupboards may tell you a different story.
I collect teapots.
That's just what I do.
Because they make me happy.
They make me think of you.
Some collect valuable things
Like coins or stamps or trains.
Others save the whimsical,
Or practical, or strange.
I collect teapots.
Any color, shape or size.
Especially the odd ones,
Those I truly prize.
Some may scoff and mock
When they see my menagerie.
Lots of work to dust and clean
This whole magical display.
But each one is special,
For its individual reason.
A thoughtful gift from someone loved,
Or just to fit a season.
But most of all I treasure
What it symbolizes,
Brew some tea with a friend
And closeness epitomizes.
I collect teapots.
That's just what I do.
Because they make me happy,
They make me think of you!
~by Mary Ellen Brown, 1994


Angela McRae said...

What a sweet poem! And I love your teapot, as I have a tea canister in that same pattern!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Beautiful Marilyn

Annie said...

Pretty little teapot. You may not be a collector but they certainly find YOU.

parTea lady said...

That is a lovely poem - I've never heard it before. Your Springtime teapot is very pretty.

Relyn said...

I always wish I loved tea. There is just something so gentle and comforting about all that is associated with tea. Lovely teapot.

Andrea said...

Adorable poem! I collect teapots. I love them! Your little spring teapot is beautiful! Blessings.


La Tea Dah said...

I don't collect teapots either --- but ---- hmmmmm.