Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Godly Play

This is my dear friend, Caryl. We met last week at the Tea Zone for tea. This was the beginning of my month of birthday celebration. What a special way to start celebrating.
Caryl is my friend, but has also been my pastor over the past several years, and now is moving forward with her new position as director of training for the Godly Play Foundation. Caryl loves children, she has five of her very own. When I met Caryl she was raising her five children as a single mom and struggling to find her way. Her husband had committed suicide. She started working at our church and ended up attending then graduating from seminary. She became our pastor.
Godly Play Foundation is an organization that trains people to tell Bible stories in a very gentle manner. From greeting the children, sitting on the floor, and having props to illustrate the story. The children are the focus and carried into the story by participation. Caryl has a real talent for this work and I am so proud of her.
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robin bird said...

hi marilynn! thanks for coming by to visit today :)
you have a wonderful friend and how good of you to feature her on your blog today. so much life in her face!