Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Antique Collecting

Antique shopping and collecting brings me great JOY.
Sometimes my antiques and vintage collection show up in pictures,
but I don't share the stories.

When my husband and I were married, many years ago,
we couldn't afford to furnish our new apartment; so
we started shopping at "junk" stores.  At the time we said someday
we will replace things with nice pieces of new furniture.
Well somewhere along the way we fell in love with these old pieces of "junk".

Then the search was on for more "junk".
Still today, though I don't need more, I still love to visit antique shows and shops bringing
home yet another little treasure.

The cabinet in this picture has a story.
We were living in Kansas at the time and a friend visiting us wanted to
go to a farm sale.  I left her there and went home to cook dinner.
When I went back to pick her up they were still auctioning things off.
They were starting to bid on everything in the barn.  I ran into the
barn to see what was there and there was this cabinet.
Someone else got the whole contents of the barn for $20., then turned
to me and said he would sell me the cabinet for $10.
I didn't have $10., but wrote a check hoping the bank would
cover it.  My husband wasn't very happy with me, but
he picked it up and brought it home.  It was covered with black
grease; so he started cleaning it and this is what we found underneath.
We also found that it was built before the Civil War.
The wood was hand planed.
My husband soon changed his mind and I was forgiven.
We have loved it ever since.

Do you like collecting anything?
Did you start by choice or was it an accident made into JOY?