Friday, September 24, 2010

World Cup of Tea

World Cup of Tea
 9200 Carothers Pkwy Suite 104
Franklin, TN
Phone - 615-224-9778

This lovely tearoom in Franklin, Tennessee
carries Marmalady's jams and jellies.
They also put them in gift baskets, which is a wonderful idea.

If you are ever in the area of World Cup of Tea stop by and tell them I sent you.
In the meantime, visit them at


beth said...

omg....we used to be in that area all the time when we lived in southern indiana....our friends live there !

Caroline said...

Oh that is a place I would love to visit!!

parTea lady said...

I'm trying to recall if I saw World Cup of Tea featured in Teatime magazine one month. I'd like to visit this tearoom sometime.

Jeanne said...

Much love and many blessings
Thanks for your visits and kind words
Love you

koralee said...

Sounds and tea just go together so well.

Wish I could meet you there. xoxoxo

Thank you for the well wishes you left for me conerning my daughter .xoxoxo

Annie said...

Aside from the fact that you are traveling, which is always fun, it must be very satisfying and pleasing to go into a shop and actually see your product on the shelf. Niiiiiice.

Relyn said...

I have heard about how wonderful Franklin is so many times. How lovely that a piece of you is there.

Christina said...

this is such a wonderful thing. i want to go there.

Angela McRae said...

I've never heard of this place and it's definitely within easy driving distance! Thanks!