Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blue Chairs

I love photographing chairs.
Blue chairs are my favorite.
Yes, kind of weird; but it is what I like.
Here are two chair I encountered this past week.
The one at the top was a surprise; tucked away between two buildings,
yet sitting there so pretty.
The second chair I drive by all the time and just love seeing it there.
It makes my heart sing each time I see it.
Saturday I happened to have my camera in the car
and the sun was shining on that blue chair just right.
I turned around and went back to capture that blue chair in
my cameras eye.  Oh, I am so glad I did.

I don't know who owns those blue chairs,
but they brought me JOY this past week just to see them sitting there.
What brought you JOY this past week?


Gigi Thibodeau said...

Oh, I understand why you love photographing chairs! I adore chairs. I used to collect miniature chairs for this very reason. And blue chairs--oh, yes! They are some of the happiest. I so get it.

Thanks for sharing a little of your joy today, Marilyn. As for me, a big bunch of cosmos I bought at the farmers' market this morning is making me very happy right now. :) xoxo

CindyW said...

I always enjoy your photos of favorite colored things. Indeed, I wrote a blog post today that was inspired by your lemon-yellow teacup from last week. :)

I've always loved painted chairs, and for years I had two retro "tulip" metal lawn chairs that I'd painted bright blue and yellow. I kept them until they were too rusted to be safely sat upon. I really miss those chairs!

Spider Office Chairs said...

Blue, Green, Brown, Pink chairs have own unique beauty & able to decor any place. Nice shot!!

Angela McRae said...

My husband, actually, although I think it embarrassed him that I used that word to describe what he brings to my life! (But he does!) Love those blue chairs ... and that you actually paused to photograph them. Terrific!

kath said...

I love blue chairs....photographing chairs in general has become a bit of a thing with me lately.
I popped over from soul aperture.

Annie Jeffries said...

Isn't it amazing, Marilyn, what tugs at our hearts. Your blue chairs are a treasure. I love spring and summer when I can enjoy the almost daily experience of driving past a beloved red house filled with sunflowers of all sizes.