Monday, March 7, 2011

Spirit Whispers

Prayer is yet another way to listen.
This is my prayer basket.
Just let me know if you would like to be included there.
Prayers enter through the heart
and are forwarded to God.


Angela McRae said...

Oh, I would dearly love to be included! I have been quite anxious and testy because of work lately and would love to have a more peaceful heart. Thank you! (And I'll be glad to return the favor, by the way!)

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I look at that picture and see so much beauty and peace. I think you've created a direct line to God with this - so beautiful!

I'd like to pray for our country - that we may all learn to listen to each other and do what is right.

Thank you!

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, how very beautiful. Could you add my friend Judy to your list? She's having her next MRI on Friday to see if her brain tumor has changed. I'm praying it's no change... but we can use all the help we can get. Thanks, Marilyn.

Joyce Harris said...

I love your prayer basket!!

Relyn said...

I love this. LOVE IT!

Will you please pray for me? I can feel myself getting sick again. And, after 24 days of sick in February, I really, really don't want to be sick again.

Adrienne said...

What a wonderful idea! I love your prayer basket.

Cinner said...

Marilyn this is beautiful I love your prayer basket. I also love your header. It made me smile. hugs to you.

Jeanne said...

Yes I would love to be included in your prayer basket
What a lovely idea
When prayers go up
Blessings come down

Love Jeanne

annie said...

I love the idea of your prayer basket. Please include me and my family in your prayers. We have been going through financial and serious health issues and need all the help we can get. Thank you and God bless.

Christina said...

now this make me want to cry.
i have mine all set up too.
and always, can you keep me and my family nestled inside of your basket?