Monday, March 28, 2011

Spirit Whispers

Several years ago I picked up a pamphlet that talked about
Centering Prayer, written by Robert O'Rourke.
Here is a brief look at what he had to share on Centering Prayer:
The experience of centering prayer is to find God within.
There are four simple steps to centering prayer:
1) Upon entering prayer, take a few minutes to quiet and relax your body,
and then move in faith to God dwelling in the center of your being.
2) Choose a single, sacred word that expresses for you the fullness
of God.  Begin to repeat this word inwardly.
3) Whenever your mind wanders or becomes aware of anything
else, gently return to your sacred word.
4) After 15-20 minutes quietly reenter the world, asking God
to remain with you and make His (or Her) Presence know.  

One of the first things we need to do in all forms of meditation and prayer
is to detach ourselves from the fast-paced world of activity and follow God's simple
invitation:  Be still and know that I am God.

Be prepared for an onrush of thoughts.
As a result of returning to your sacred word, you slow down the
onrush of many thoughts by focusing on one.
As you do this, tension begins to flow out of your life.

This is another way of being still and listening,
releasing the tension within you.


Kate said...

Very timely. Thank you, Marilyn.

Pam Traskos said...

Thank you Marilyn! Very lovely blog, hope you don't mind a new follower. It is so amazing when we dwell on God's word, we begin to see the best in situations, little by little, his miracles forever abound. Hugs, Pam

La Tea Dah said...

Be still and know...


Joy said...

Beautiful, indeed, thank you!

Jeanne said...

I love this and a gorgeous garden too
Love you

Mark said...

Just the act of reading this post, is calming. Thanks.
Meditation, or centering prayer, never heard that before, but I like the premise, is sooo calming, I wish I could commit to it on a regular basis. Maybe reading this will jump start me again, toward calm.
Thank you

Dutchbaby said...

What a perfect spot you chose for meditation. Thank you for these simple guidelines. I have no idea if I would be up to the task of quieting my mind.

Angela McRae said...

A lovely and helpful post, Marilyn -- thank you for sharing this! And that photo ... ahhh!

Laurie said...

I so agree with him, and thank-you for sharing this with us Marilyn, what a beautiful way to enter into such a sacred state of prayer.

Caroline said...

Oh wow...I want to jump into that photo. Gorgeous place. And I love this prayer...I will try it!

Jeanie said...

Oops-- you'll see another comment on another post that's meant for this one. I screwed up and didn't clear the box!

Maybe I didn't center as much as I thought when I filled out the box...