Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Step Softly

Spring is softly stepping from the winter gloom.
The soft pinks and whites of blossoms flutter in the breeze.
They remind me of a new born baby birds soft feathers,
preparing to burst forth in glorious, full flight.
But for now step softly, step into Spring.
Breathe in the fresh air and the blossoms that surprise.

Have you noticed the soft fluttering of blossoms as they flutter to the ground?


Jeanne said...

Yes there are blossoms and bunnies and new beginnings everywhere.
Spring is the Queen of all seasons
for sure♥
Love you

La Tea Dah said...

There's no soft flutter of blossoms falling to the ground here yet, Marilyn. But soon, soon, soon --- I hope! I think our spring is about a month behind yours.

Enjoy a beautiful day!

Laurie said...

This is stark contrast to my post this morning Marilyn!! I'll take your spring any day! Please!

~Sheila~ said...

First we need the blossom.
But I know what you mean and am eagerly looking ahead..!

Joy said...

Yes, it is windy here today as a cold front blow through, and some of the the Bradford pear and flowering cherry petals are fluttering around on the wind!

Angela McRae said...

Marilyn, yes! Last night, I was watering some plants and the petals from a Yoshino Cherry tree blew into my hair. Ahhh, spring!

Jeanie said...

No blossoms for me yet -- but soon!

Relyn said...

Yes. And the daffodils and green, green grass, and wispy buds covering the trees, and the robins who have absolutely invaded our yard... Yes, I see them all. My hearts sings with each moment of spring.

Dyan said...

Hi Marilyn, this is such a gentle post, spring is coming softly here and this photograph is so symbolic of that promise. Thanks for sharing!