Friday, March 11, 2011

Tea, tea, tea, tea, tea, Tea!

Can you sing the Title?
Yes, it is tea here.
I thought you would enjoy seeing what full leaf tea looks like after it is steeped.
Many people haven't seen it.
I wish you were here to touch it and smell it.
It is truly amazing.
Yes, that's me in that picture on the bottom.
I am with James Norwood Pratt, who
has written the best Tea Dictionary.
When I first started exploring tea his book,
New Tea Lover's Treasury, was the only book recommended to me to learn more about tea.
Beside having written several good books on tea, he is just a fun person to know.

Have you had your cup of tea today?

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beth said...

i've only had one cup so far....but another one seems to be calling my name....

Mark said...

Does coffee count? I know it doesn't but thought I'd ask. I love a person who is passionate about things, and you are one passionate tea lover. Enjoy

Annie said...

Ahah! And it would seem that Mr. Pratt is camera-shy. I have a couple of friends like that. Posted pictures are verboten (hummm, did I spell that right?) Have to admire the placement of the hand, though. Warm friendship radiates.

Annie said...

Oh! Surprised ME! I clicked on the picture and there he was!! Not so camera-shy after all.

Jeanne said...

How wonderful indeed
Much love and many blessings
Tea and thee
Love you

Jeanie said...

You're having a good time -- I can tell! You know, it IS time for tea! A little gloomy and nippy here but nothing a cuppa couldn't cure!

Hope the coastline near you is OK from the tsunami waves they say were coming your way.

parTea lady said...

I like your tea picture collage. I've been wanting to add the Tea Dictionary to my library. It must be fun and enlightening to talk to Mr. Pratt.

SE'LAH... said...

You are beautiful!

Tracy said...

LOVE seeing you, Marilyn! I love your short, sassy hair cut! Steeped loose leaf has almost a look of seaweed about it, doesn't it?! Loose leaf tea is the best way to drink tea, I think. And I often has several loose leaf varieties at home. Just had a late morning cuppa--gunpowder green. :o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

Christina said...

hi beautiful!
i had a cup of your tea this morning and it was so lovely.

somepinkflowers said...

on my second cup
earl grey
and had to come visit you, missy,
whilst i drink it!


{{ hope your day is swell }}

Angela McRae said...

I sure picked a lousy time to get behind on my blog reading, didn't I! (Those earrings are lovely!) I've always heard that JNP was a real card -- how wonderful that you've met him!