Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn Tea?

I am sorely in need of some new tea for Autumn.
For you see my cup is bare.
It is a mixing and matching of tidbits in the cupboard.
Yes, there is tea there, but of course the ones I love are gone.
So it is a bit of a basic black from Taiwan mixed with an Assam,
not bad when that is what's there.
Soon I must venture out into the world,
as some new favorites for Autumn are needed here.
What do you suggest I add to my cupboard?
A cupboard that needs some Autumn flavors to share.


Anonymous said...

Spiced orange tea is my suggest! :)

Rosemary said...

Such a pretty compostion... I might suggest Pumpkin Cream or a nice Chai.

Gail said...

HI MARILYN - I have come to love green tea with roasted brown rice. It is an organic tea and can be ordered on line.

that is the link to order it :-)
and I truly enjoy English breakfast tea as well. sweet and a lovely aroma. the green tea with the brown rice is bold and hearty.
Love to you

Angela McRae said...

I like all the fall flavors: cinnamon, pumpkin, and of course cranberry anything. (And hey, we have the same Welbeck teacup!)

La Tea Dah said...

I have no suggestions, as I am still trying to empty my tea chest. Right now anything deep with full bodied flavor fits my need....oh....or a gentle oolong or jasmine...but on second thought... :D

Jeanie said...

Love the chintz cup! Hmmm. You know far more about tea than I do -- so I'll be eager to hear what you find!

Melissa Bishop said...

I order many of my tea on line. I enjoy Boston Tea Co.'s Autumn Blend and Culinary Tea's Monk's blend. Twinnings Tea lemon Black is also good.
For morning, I enjoy a nice, malty Assam. Happy tea hunting!

Tracy said...

Such a pretty image to welcome us to this post, Marilyn! Love this tea time arrangement. This time of year I crave more robust teas. We were just in London for a long weekend, and I was able to get to Fortnum & Mason to buy/bring back my favorite tea from their collection--Royal Blend, a mix of Assam and Celyon teas. It produces a deep, rich cup--very bracing to take after an autumn walk. I also like some spiced teas this time of year too--anything spiked with orange or cinnamon. :o) I was so excited to get here, hoping to see some grandson news, but looks like you're all still waiting! Great to catch up with you! I've been offline a few days having some fun, just now surfacing! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Linda said...

You're so knowledgeable about different teas, Marilyn. We drink lots of English breakfast and I like Earl Grey and also green tea when I'm with my Japanese friends.
Hope to hear some good news from you soon about your grandson.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Oh, I LOVE the colour of your teapot. AND the lovely cup!