Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grandson Coming

Soon, very soon I will have a grandson.
This is something beyond my wildest imaginations.
Yet somewhere in my heart I decided to save the
crib my children slept in and the quilts that wrapped them.
Now this special crib is sitting in my home waiting for
visits from a grandson.
I found the sweet mobile recently at a baby store
and just knew this would have to be there to greet him.
The white basket underneath once held my grandson's mama.
The large embroidery I made long ago.
The small embroidery my mother made for me once upon a time.
The quilt with the pink trim my husband's grandmother made for our daughter.
The yellow quilt was made by my husband's mother.
Yes, it is a family affair in this corner of my world.
Thought you would enjoy seeing a little corner made just for my grandson.
A grandson that will be here soon.