Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Do you stop to reflect on your life from time to time?
Do you take moments to sit in the silence?
What does this time tell you?

With the coming of a grandson and reflecting on the seasons of my life
I pause, sip a little tea (of course), and wonder what the next seasons will bring.
I am picturing a different me in each of those seasons.
A young me that was care-free, but quiet.
A mom me that tended and cared for my children.
A professional me that went back to school at 40 years old
and had a wonderful career that I loved.
A retired me that once again is learning to play and
at the same time use my voice.
I am looking forward to a grandmother me that plays, laughs, and hugs.
Above all else I am still becoming the me I can love.

Be at peace dear friends and learn to love the you that you are.

Photo: taken at Hearst Castle in California


Gail said...

Hi, and what a lovely thoughtful post. I too am still becoming and at the same time I have arrived. A combination of life's meanderings, surprises, joys, sorrows, and dreams.
Love Gail

Laurie said...

I so associate with this post Marilyn, as I go back through the seasons of my life, each one has shaped me to who I am today, and who I am today is going to help shape me into who I will become. Awesome post.

Trixie and Dustin of TheTeaDrinker.com said...

A very beautiful post, dear Marilyn!! Thank you. Gorgeous *reflective* picture, too. So wonderful.
xoxo, Trixie

Angela McRae said...

I won't say this nearly as well as the quote I read one time, but it was something to the effect that as we age, we still keep all the other ages we've been before. And to paraphrase another favorite quote: "I wouldn't go back to my twenties for anything unless I could take my 48-year-old brain with me!"

Rosemary said...

Beautiful photo... beautiful expressions of self reflection...

Jeanie said...

What a beautiful, peaceful reverie. Your life will change in some ways -- how full your heart will be!

And, as soon as this came up I said, "I think that's San Simeon!" One of my favorite spots!

christina said...

Each time I become afraid of going back to school, I think of your inspiring words.