Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Moon

I was determined to get pictures of the blue moon, but it ended up being September 1st.
There was a breeze that even made my tripod move, so it was a challenge.
When the moon came up over the horizon it took my breath away.

I had just heard that Neil Armstrong had died.
He once walked on this very moon.
It was a time when dreams came true.
Americans had big dreams.
As we looked at that moon, no matter where we lived,
we came together in possibilities and wonder.

Can we learn to dream again?
Can we come together with hope once more?

My heart is heavy with what I see.
Is there no desire for greatness?
Can we still take small steps and giant leaps?
Please, please - let's work together and make this a better place.
Come and dream with me.