Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tea Tins


Found recently at the antique mall for $6.
The best price I have found online was $7.95 and up.
On the bottom of the tin it says:
"Acknowledged throughout the world as the most delicious
obtainable.  At the great Tea Expositions in Ceylon and
India, Lipton's Tea, grown on Sir Thomas Lipton's Estates,
was awarded the First Prize and Gold Medal as the -
Choicest Tea produced."
From what research I can find, this tin was from around the 1950's
and was used for advertising.
One use I found was to turn it into a paint box for art supplies.
I kind of like the traveling tea party with teabags and chocolate.
What do you think?
Do you collect tea tins?
I don't collect (smiling), but I can't toss them away.
This is the first I have purchased.