Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Year with Warm Woolies

Begin each new day with anticipation
and excitement,
as if it is the first day
of the new year.

I have been fascinated by trees lately and plan
to sketch or take pictures of a few trees this year.
Isn't this shape beautiful?
Take time to notice trees,
they will delight.
Can you tell what the clumps of white are to the right
of the tree?  They were the most wooly sheep
I think I have ever seen.
Keeping warm on a cold winters day.

Hope you are all keeping warm, tucked inside
with your warm woolies on.


Laurie said...

I love your quote Marilyn, one I really need to take to heart.
Ken and I love to look at the shapes and textures of trees, we've seen some really beautiful and unusual ones.
Have a blessed day!

Angela McRae said...

I do love trees! A girlfriend and I were having tea once and commented that we could, indeed, be branded "tree huggers" with accuracy because that's what we sometimes feel like doing, hugging them!

simply bev said...

I love photographing trees and think it's fascinating to see their forms once the leaves have fallen. Year 'round, they're great subjects!

Jeanne said...

I love your postings and quotes...........I would love to see your sketches of trees.

Much love


Jeanie said...

My warm woolies are definitely on, even mittens as I type. (There is a draft by my office window). I think we'll get above zero today, though. Things are looking up.

Kamana said...

trees make great subjects ... and even better to climb :)

Linda@arichtapestry said...

I love trees, too. It's sad that a mature tree on our neighbour's land at the back of our house had to be cut down yesterday probably because the recent storms made it unsafe for those passing by. Hope you're keeping warm yourself, Marilyn.