Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Making


I love being crafty from time to time.
It is what makes my creative juices flow.
Last year I thought I needed to focus on getting some old projects done;
so I didn't take a class or initiate any new project.
My heart was sad for doing so.
So to start the new year off, I took a coptic bookbinding class.
Oh what fun!
Just the act of creating made my heart sing.
Now wondering what will go in this new little book.
Maybe sketches of trees?

Do you find your heart sings when you are creative?
It may be in the kitchen, a craft, sewing, or taking a picture.


parTea lady said...

That looks like it was a fun class. I really like the beautiful paper you used for your book cover.

Adrienne said...

I love your little book. What fun! I love being creative but right now there isn't much time for that. One of these days I'll be creative again and it will be such fun!

Jeanie said...

This is stunning -- and a huge project for a class. It looks gorgeous! I may be doing something similar this weekend -- a painting class where we make a journal! I'll let you now how it goes! I'll be happy if it's half as good as yours!

Laura said...

How very neat! Yes, my heart and soul sing when I create, no matter what it is that I am making. Happy for you!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Book making is so satisfying I think.
It's such an age old process and gives one a feeling of keeping in touch with the past.
Your book covers are beautiful - love the Asian design paper you've used Marilyn!
I can see five signatures so you have plenty of pages to fill with your sketches of trees and some of your beautiful haiku.

beth said...!
i love this and now i want to make one :)

Laurie said...

I love your book, and wish we had a class like that here! Being creative does make my heart sing, cleaning house when I want to do a project, not so much!

Ginger said...

What a fun class. Over the years I've discovered that doing a little sewing (or occasionally crafting) does wonders for me. Even if it's just a few minutes a day.

Angela McRae said...

How beautiful! Yes, I do find it makes my heart sing when I am crafting -- I get a certain satisfaction from writing, but I get a whole 'nuther kind of satisfaction from creating something with my hands. I LOVE your book!

Lorrie said...

Oh, yes! I love creating/making things. I make my own coptic bound journals - love the way they lie flat for writing and sketching.
Great job. It's always fun to learn something new.

Mary said...

That is really lovely Marilyn - wouldn't mind finding a class to learn that too.

Hugs - Mary

Tracy said...

Your book is beautiful, Marilyn--love the Japanese paper covers! I took a similar class once, it was so exciting to make a book entirely out of raw materials. Interestingly enough, this week I saw a program on Medieval arts & crafts and bookbinding was feature--so much of the craft is still the same today! :o) ((HUGS))