Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Love in Plain View

When I snapped this photo earlier in the fall I loved it,
but didn't realize what I shot until looking at it this week.
Can you see the heart sitting there?
It is sitting in plain view and I missed it.

Do we sometimes miss the love nearby,
the love shining in someone eyes?
Are we so busy, we don't see what is sitting right in front of us?
Do we walk around with blinders on our eyes?

This is a wake up call for me and for you.
Get enough rest for sure!
Notice what is right there in plain view.
Take in the love and let it shine through our eyes
and in the way we live each day.


Laurie said...

How sweet! A great reminder Marilyn, too often we do miss what is so obvious. A lesson learned here, thank-you!

Jeanie said...

Wise words, Marilyn. We often miss right is in front of us because we are so busy looking for what isn't! A great photo and your rediscovery even better!

Jeanne said...

Yes I see the heart Marilyn
Much love and many blessings

Love Jeanne

Kindness is the special art of living with a loving heart♥

Sujata Shah said...

That's beautiful! I agree, we often forget to really see what in front of us :) Happy New Year!

Sylvia said...

I do see it! Yes,you are so right, sometimes we don't see what's right in front of us. Thanks for reminding me of this today.

beth said...

that's sooooo sweet !!!

koralee said...

Oh my how is a perfect heart! Wise words my friend. xoxo Happy rest of your week.

Kamana said...

i love surprises in photos. this is a great one.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Gorgeous photo!

Angela McRae said...

You are so right!!! If I were teaching a class (which I'm not), I would seek your permission to show this photo to the class and see if they notice the heart. What a great illustration of a very simple but profound truth!

Geoff said...

Lovely, as always.

Tracy said...

Sooo sweet!! Slowing down for love--always a good thing... we should to that more often! :o) Love is the greatest gift... we should notice & celebrate it more! Thank you for the reminder, Marilyn. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Storybook Woods said...

Well said. I think we focus so much on what is around the corner, we never see what is in front of us. Clarice