Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Time, Another Place

Walking nearby I felt like I had stepped back in time.
Do you ever do that?
Maybe when visiting a historic sight.
Can you imagine for a few moments that you are in that time
and not the present?
This was taken in Aurora Colony, Oregon, a historic village once settled by
a religious group looking for a place to call their own, a place to live communally.
There are other places in the country that have been preserved for others
to walk and imagine.
Places such as Sturbridge Village, Williamsburg, Conner Prairie,
I have visited these.
Are there places you have explored?
Do you enjoy imagining for awhile that you lived during that time in history?
Where have you visited?
How did it make you feel?


Storybook Woods said...

This is why I love historic places, I feel transported to a different time and place. I feel that way at Port gamble. I love to image being there 100 years ago. It is magical. Clarice

Anonymous said...

What a haunting image. Beautiful.

I always have a Deja vu feeling when I see old farmhouses.

My paternal ancestors were farmers in the Midwest. One branch of my family were almost *entirely* wiped out by an Indian massacre on their settlement in 1812.

What a haunting image. Beautiful.


Jeanie said...

We're scheduled to visit Rick's brother in Pittsfield, MA, enroute to a trade show. They have a wonderful Shaker colony where I once did some of my best photography. I am hoping it is open in the winter and we'll have time to visit. And if he doesn't want to, I'll go myself!

koralee said...

I do love visiting Historic sights...just today I was telling one of my students that my daughter made me cinnamon buns and it took 4 hours in total to rise just the dough...this was always the way back then...hugs to you.

Lorrie said...

I love places filled with history. Imagination runs wild as I look at the things used by people long ago. Human nature has changed very little in all our long years.

Laurie said...

When we were in Iowa we went to a historic village from the 1800's. It was really like stepping back in time. I loved seeing how people lived and survived back then.

Merisi said...

Looking at this picture, I can't shake the impression that people "stepped out of time" and will be back any day, soon.

I have been to Williamsburg, Virginia. Living in Vienna pretty much is like walking through centuries all the time. There are times when I almost can hear voices of the past rising from the cobble stone streets.

Relyn Lawson said...

Did I ever tell you we used to live in Williamsburg? I wrote about visiting Colonial Williamsburg once. It is one of my favorite posts. I'm with you. I just LOVE history!

Steph said...

The DH and I spent some time in New Harmony, IN. Very interesting!

Adrienne said...

I love Aurora and the history there. Since I live just a few miles away I think it's time for another visit. Love that photo! I've been to Williamsburg and I want to go back again - at Christmastime!