Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Simple Pleasures

Recently stated in the Romantic Homes Magazine:

"In the chaos of daily life, I make it a point to take time to create
a small sanctuary where I can indulge in simple pleasures.
A cup of coffee (for me it is tea) served in a beautiful cup....."

They go on to mention simple pleasures and changing seasons.
"my thoughts are free to wander and I can approach my day with

How wonderful to think of "simple pleasures" and tranquility with
the changing of the seasons.  For me in the past few days it is just
noticing the first red leaves, the hydrangeas have lost their brilliance, but
they are still so beautiful.  There are flowers still here and there.
Soon Autumn will arrive, I can feel it coming.
Our hearts can rejoice in another day of amazing splendor.

What are you noticing that is a "simple pleasure"?


Steph W said...

I'm looking forward to jacket weather and the crunch of leaves. ;-)

Madelief said...

Lovely photo's of your home Marilyn! What a beautiful collection of teapots you have. A simple pleasure for me today was to work in the garden together with my youngest daughter. She is a sweet girl and brings lots of joy!

Happy day!

Madelief x

Britt-Arnhild said...

A tiny spider crawling outside my studio window was my simple pleasure today :-)

Jeanie said...

These are so lovely. I adore it when my hydrangeas dry. I keep them around for the longest time -- I can't bear to part with them.

My greatest simple pleasure is Lizzie's purr. No others hold a candle to it!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh I love your blue hydrangea - if we lived closer I would be asking for a cutting and I could give you some of mine in return!

The simple pleasures are the sweetest!
Mine at the moment are discovering little plants poking their heads through the earth in expectation of sunshine and warm days ahead!

Cutting a small bunch of violets and enjoying their sweet fragrance through the house.

Enjoy your weekend.
Shane xx

Angela McRae said...

Like you I'm noticing the changing of the leaves ... just a very few glimpses of golden ones, but it assures me that my beloved fall is on the way!

Laura Morrigan said...

I love simple pleasures! Finding tiny, tiny flowers growing wild, afternoon walks, time spent with friends.

I love your hydrangeas, the greeny tint is really pretty! I love how the soil affects their colour!

Adrienne said...

Somehow in the chaos of my days I missed this post. I love your hydrangeas. Mine didn't do too well this year - someone cut them back at the wrong time! What am I noticing that is a simple pleasure? The tip-top of my big maple tree that began ever-so-subtly to change it's colors a few weeks ago. Becoming more obvious every day.