Friday, September 26, 2014

Sit and Dream

 I have an affinity for chairs of all shapes and sizes.
 They call to me, they enchant me.
 They call to me to sit awhile and dream.
 A chair is a piece of function, but of beauty too.
Dream along with me and enjoy the view.
It is pear season here and the view is to treasure and dream by.

Happy Weekend dreaming!
Do you have special plans for playing and dreaming?
photos taken at the Lavender Farm just outside of Hood River on the way to Mt.Hood.


Laurie said...

I agree about chairs Marilyn, I love rocking chairs, swings, and nostalgic yard chairs, like the old metal ones. And by the way, you're right about the taste of the teas you sent, a different flavor but enjoyed none the less! Thank-you again!

Catherine said...

How very pretty the scenery is. It is perfect for dreaming. Blessings, Catherine

Angela McRae said...

Those old metal chairs remind me of some we had when I was a girl. Sweet memories!

Mary said...

I love chairs and pears!!! Beautiful scenery - we were at Hood River on one of our trips, really lovely.

Have a fun weekend dear.
Hugs - Mary

Jeanie said...

Pear season sounds about as lovely as it gets -- especially when that view is added into the picture! Find your favorite chair and relax this weekend!

Storybook Woods said...

If I had those charming spots, I would want to sit there all day. Clarice

Relyn Lawson said...

I love how you put that. "I have an affinity." YES!! I have an affinity for a lot of things. Old metal chairs, for one.