Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Two Puerh's

Recently I had the opportunity to taste two puerh teas from Teavivre.com.
The first one was called Lotus Leaf Raw, Pu-erh Mini Toucha, from Yunnan, China.
The smell at first hit me as vegetable, it had a nice yellow appearance when brewed.
The taste was not as vegetable as I expected from the scent.
It is a hard one too describe in flavor as it wasn't particularly smokey or floral,
but more of a fresh mown field with a tiny touch of caramel without the sweetness.
A very straight forward, simple tea.
The second was Fengqing Zhuan Cha Raw Puerh, Brick Tea 2005 from Yunnan, China.
The leaves smelled a bit like spinach, but after brewing I could smell the smokey scent.
The color was lighter than I expected and the taste was smooth to the mouth.
This was my favorite beginning with the very first sip.
I loved the warm, cozy feel it created, like sitting by the fire on a cool evening.
This one is perfect for Autumn, but both are quite nice in very different ways.

If you are beginning to think Autumn/Fall both of these teas I would recommend.


parTea lady said...

I have been developing more of a taste for pu-erh teas. Thanks for the review.

Laurie said...

I had never heard of pu-erh teas, what are they?

Tracy said...

I'm still trying to imagine the mown field and caramel together... LOL! VERY interesting. If it's tea though, I'll try it! ;o) And it does sound a bit autumnal... Thank you for your sweet comment at my place. I was hinting GATHERING, and have a post lined up with that for Friday... ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Laura Morrigan said...

Lotus leaf tea sounds interesting.

Jeanie said...

I see such routine teas here! You always have tea with the most interesting names!

Angela McRae said...

Enjoyed reading these reviews, since like you I've had the opportunity to sample some Teavivre teas! Got a few new white ones to sample as well, but I have so enjoyed learning about the variations between all the different puerhs.

Steph said...

That's a pretty red gaiwan!