Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Choices, which door?
The road of life can lead us down a windy path and present us with
doors that are often closed, choices to be made.
Structural architecture has always fascinated me, as you can see by all the photos here.
Windows become the eyes of the world.
But doors offer opportunities yet unknown.
Which door do we open?
Which turn of the road?
If once opened we find something that doesn't fit or bring us JOY,
do we learn to walk out the door and follow the path exploring
and choosing JOY over sorrow?

Writing this post this song came to mind, EnJOY!


Madelief said...

Dear Marilyn,

I enjoyed reading your reflections on doors, paths to take and choices to make. They made met think, which is always good!

Thank you for your kind email. And off course you are welcome for tea in the garden!


Madelief x

Laurie said...

Very thought provoking Marilyn, you always have a way of looking at things that make one think, and I really enjoy that!

Linda P said...

Good morning Marilyn. I've enjoyed seeing your photos of doors and your reflections on life - so very true. Did you ever dance to 'The Green Door'song? It brings back happy memories for me. Thank you for sharing. Have a good day!

Laura Morrigan said...

What wonderful buildings!

I loved that song as a kid@

Joy said...

Beautiful photos and thoughtful words.