Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday's Quotes

We may encounter many defeats,
but we must not be defeated.
~Maya Angelou

Rest and prepare for the week ahead on this Labor Day in the US.
For those of you that go to work each day, blessings be on you.

Photo taken from the car near the Portland Airport as evening sun was setting.


Joy said...

Great quote! Happy Labor Day, have a great week.

Anne Jeffries said...

Labor Day. Day of pleasure, catching up, and running into old friends.

Lorrie said...

Labor Day greetings to you! Here it's been a little gathering from the garden, a little sewing, and a whole lot of getting ready for classes tomorrow.

Mary said...

I held jobs I loved - also jobs I detested! Driving to work to the loved ones was joyful, but the others, I wouldn't have minded if I'd run into a bridge abutment - well not really, but those were miserable, stressful mornings when I just wanted to stay home! When sweet Jasmin came along I retired - best job ever has been being a full time, hands-on Grandma!!!

Labor Day now consists of relaxing at home - too much traffic to be on the roads going places - and just chilling out doing nice things. We did work in the garden for a while - Bob cut grass, I pruned jasmine and fig tree branches. I'm also going through old issues of UK Country Living and will pass along to a nearby friend who loves anything English. It's early fun looking through old magazines.

Happy Labor Day evening dear friend - I hope your day has been fun.
Love, Mary

Laurie said...

What a beautiful photo Marilyn, I was going to go to the Blue Grass chili fest tonight, but it is storming so I think I'll stay in. I hope you enjoyed your week-end!

Jeanie said...

Nice photo, Marilyn! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!