Thursday, September 3, 2015

State Fair

 The Oregon State Fair is up and running.
Have you been to a state fair recently?
It is still about flowers and home canned food, but on a smaller
scale than I remember as a young girl.
 There were tablescapes too, which many of my tea friends would have enjoyed.

 There was judging for the best from the orchards and gardens.

 Quilts made an appearance in all their beauty.
 I was there as a judge for scones.
A contest sponsored by King Arthur Flour.
If you remember from previous years I have done this along with a couple friends.
Well there ended up being just the two of us judges and 36 entrants.
We have never had so many enter or so many good scones to taste.
We had to read each recipe, taste, and score, not a particularly easy job.
It took us 2 full hours to do this as those that entered waited nearby.
There were two categories:  adult and professional.
We would have loved having children enter, but there were none entered.

In the bottom photo, the shiny scone on the plate was the adult category winner.
It was a wonderful sharp cheddar cheese with a honey glaze.
It was quite delicious and I actually took a second bite just to enjoy.

It was a fun morning, but certainly no lunch was needed after
enjoying scones at the State Fair.


Rosemary said...

The State Fair looks fabulous! The Scone Baking contest seems to be growing! Even with only one bite from 36 scones... that equals a lot of scones to have eaten at once! Congrats to the winner!

Laura said...

I'm not sure I've ever been to a State Fair. If I have it would have been as a child. I'm going to have to go look into this.

Mary said...

I'll come be your assistant next year Marilyn!! I love all scones. You really need an English helper as we did invent the scone I believe. Those made by mum and my sister-in-law were at the top of my list, however I think I also make a pretty good one too. My favorite to make is a piquant Savory Cheddar scone - wonderful with soups in the winter.

Glad you enjoyed the fair - ours is in October here in NC, hopefully I'll visit (went last year and had a great time) although I'll only just be back from Europe!
Mary X

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a fun task! I love small fairs best. It almost seems a miracle that it's one tradition that still goes on. The food is best!

Linda P said...

These events are very enjoyable whether large regional ones or organised by a small community. Our daughter usually helps her class of school children to get involved and enter the children's category so I know what fun it can be. It must be an honour to be a judge.

Tracy said...

Oh, what FUN! I sooo miss the State fair from my home town. We don't really have quite the same kind of fairs here in Norway, sadly. LOVELY quilt in one of the photos here... I love star quilts. That must have been a hard job--judging all those good scones! I love the sounds of the adult category winner with that cheddar/honey scone...mmm... I feel like baking now! Is the Fair still on there, will you be going back for more?! ;O) ((HUGS))

Laurie said...

36 scones! I wonder after 36 bites how many scones you actually ate! What an awesome contest, hats off to the winner!

Jeanie said...

How in the world do you decide when you have so many fabulous entries? I would have been totally stuffed but oh, so happy! And those jams -- did you enter the plums? Just asking! It all looks so pretty. We don't have a state fair anymore and the county ones are more like freak shows. It seems to be fading here. So glad you have such a great event!

martea said...

Your photo of the winning cheddar cheese scone with the honey glaze looks scrumptious! Now that is one I would love to taste!

Just curious if any *plain* scones are entered in such a contest?

Lady Linda said...

Love to go to the fair. Not sure if we will be going this year. I didn't know your were a judge. That's so neat. The scones looked yummy.

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

I love your State Fair photos! I am always amazed by the scone baking contest!

Angela McRae said...

Most of the fairs and festivals around here aren't 'til later in the month, but this post certainly makes me want to go. Wish somebody would ask *me* to judge a scone contest! :)