Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Moonlight Becomes Me

When springtime arrives and I begin hearing of the new Darjeeling teas
being picked and processed my mind dreams of moonlight in my cup.
I can hardly wait to receive the new year's pleasures from Darjeeling, India.
This year I ordered three different Moonlights.
I have thoroughly delighted in the tasting of each one.
Today there was a side by side tasting just to see what the differences could be.
Just to let you know the first word in the name is the name of the farm or plantation.
The second word is the name of the tea.
Then there is either a first flush, which is the first picking, or
second flush, which, yes you guessed it, the second picking.

Thurbo Moonlight, 2nd flush 2015, Darjeeling, from Lochan Tea Limited
Maybe I have plums still on my mind, but each of the three
teas did taste a bit plummy to me and the fragrance of each of the
three was just amazing.
This particular tea was darker than the other two and a bit more
carmelly or burnt, my guess is that it was oxidized a bit longer.
Still it was just wonderful and I could highly recommend it.

Castleton Moonlight, 1st flush 2015, Darjeeling, from Thunderbolt Tea.
Of the three teas I am reviewing I felt this tea was a bit more lively,
but the same plummy flavor.  A nice smooth tea and if I had to choose
this was probably my favorite; though I loved them all.

Castleton Moonlight, 2nd flush 2015, Imperial, Darjeeling from Thunderbolt Tea.
Again a delightful plummy flavor, so unique to Darjeeling teas.
I have read that one of the things that makes Darjeeling teas a bit different
is their varietal, it has a smaller leaf and comes originally from China.

A bit longer post, but just wanted to recommend any of these teas to a tea lover,
you really can't go wrong.
If you are interested in buying some for yourself just click on the name of the
companies listed above.
Enjoying Moonlight in my cup this morning.


Merisi said...

Your words and images set me into a dreamy mood. Dreams of Moonlight Darjeeling, I'm sure I am going to have them tonight.

Lady Linda said...

Oh Marilyn, how delightful and informative. I am such a tea novice. It is wonderful to be exposed to some new information, esp about tea! Thank you.

Jeanie said...

I always notice that the lighting on your still life photos is just perfect. Do you use lights or any special techniques or just lucky with the way the natural light is? Those photos really grab me!

Rosemary said...

You have captured the uniqueness of each of these teas in both your beautiful photography and your poetic words.