Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Things Learned

My live-in gardener is very sensitive to caffeine.
He can't have any because it causes him to be dizzy.
We have learned much by watching him react to tea.
Here are the things we have learned.

1. Decaf tea still has caffeine.
2. Eventhough white tea looks pale it has a high content of caffeine.
We went to an afternoon tea this past year and the server insisted he could drink
white tea, she called it a herbal tea.  Frustrating!
3. Chai made from scratch has caffeine.  Chai served from a mix, such as
Starbucks, has been processed to the point that the caffeine has dissipated.
He loves that he can cheat a bit with the boxed chai's,
but he misses a good cup of tea immensely.

How I love a good cup of tea with caffeine,
but also being aware of the caffeine side effects for some people.


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh no Marilyn - your poor gardener.
What is his tipple in place of tea and coffee?
I have two cups of coffee a day and numerous cups of tea from Early Grey with breakfast to Chamomile at bedtime! The in-between are usually fruit teas or green tea.
What's your favourite tea these days M?
Shane x

Joy said...

Good things to know! I gave up caffeine for years due to fibrocystic stuff but now that I'm "of a certain age" I am drinking my favorite teas again. (but not after 3 pm!) I wish your guy would "outgrow" the dizziness but I don't think that will happen. So sorry!

Adrienne said...

My sweetheart had some heart issues before he retired. He had to give up caffeine so I researched to see what he could have. I discovered much the same. Several months ago he bought a cold tea drink at the store, thinking it wasn't coffee and he could have it. The next day he told me what was happening with his heart rhythms and immediately asked if he had any caffeine. No, he said - just that tea drink - to which I replied that the drink was the culprit. It's important to know how caffeine affects us. I will take my sweetie to Starbucks for some Chai Tea one of these days!

Jeanie said...

I don't think I realized that non-caffeine tea has caffeine. Does herbal? What if you make your own with, say mint leaves or lemon balm?

Lorrie said...

Your poor gardener. I have to be careful with caffeine, too. I usually drink de-caf tea because that little bit doesn't bother me. But once or twice a week I'll indulge in a cup of Twinings Earl Grey loose tea - it tastes so much better.

Rosemary said...

Interesting little notes. Whenever a guest says 'I can't have caffeine', and then orders a decaf-tea, I'm always quick to point out that there is still a small percentage of caffeine in the decaf teas and will steer them towards a caffeine free herbal blend. Being in the herb business, my mother was always insistent on explaining the difference between decaffeinated and caffeine free - they are not one in the same.

Mary said...

I do feel sorry for people such as your dearest who can't use caffeine - so many lovely drinks have
it, and with you being the fabulous tea specialist you are Marilyn, poor J is missing so much!

Hugs - Mary

Tracy said...

This was enlightening, Marilyn! The first item especially. I thought decaf tea lost all traces of the caffeine... So sorry for your Gardener. To live so much without tea! Because of sensitivity to vitamin deficiency, I have to watch my caffeine most of the time, ideally not take in in more then 2 cups per daily, and less than that would be better! I have to space my drinks carefully between meals. It becomes quite a science... LOL! LOVE a cuppa caffeine, though--tea especially. I like herbal teas, so that helps, as does a decaf in the afternoon/evening. What does the Gardener drink, then? ((HUGS))