Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Tea Cozy

 When traveling in England about 10 years ago I found an antique
sale in a little town square in the Cotswold's. 
All the beautiful tea cozies came home in my bag.
Well after all they didn't take up much room.
 The front and back of this sweet cozy.

 This one is used quite often and I love the embroidery work
on the front and the back.

 A small sprig of flowers on the back of this sweet cozy.
Such attention to details.
 They all are beautiful, but need an insert inside for
actually keeping the tea warm.
I love the way the rosy pink insert shows the detail of this cozy.
The lacy detail on this cozy is just beautiful.

Do you use tea cozies?
When someone asked what a cozy is, my reply is that it is a blanket
for the teapot and keeps the tea warmer for much longer.

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Deb said...

These are simply beautiful. I use a tea-cozy everyday & knit myself one last year. Many of mine have kitties on them as you would expect. lol

Bernideen said...

They are all so lovely! Especially the one with the Hollyhocks, etc. Cute story! So glad you shared!

Laura said...

How beautiful!

Margie said...

Beautiful! Glad that the tea cozies went home with you!

Lorrie said...

The hand embroidered tea cozies are so lovely. I don't use a tea cozy simply because my old one wore out and I've not made a new one. Perhaps I will do just that one day this winter. I confess to making a pot of tea and heating up the leftovers in mugs in the microwave. Not ideal...

Lady Linda said...

I am fascinated with tea cozies. There are so many different kinds. I like to make them too. I agree with Bernideen...love the embroidered one.

Jeanie said...

That bright embroidered one just knocks my socks off! They're all so pretty!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I love your antique cozies. I have a couple of them, but not as beautiful as yours. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Have a wonderful week dear lady. Blessings, Martha

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

I use a tea cozy every time I make a pot of tea. I have a tiny one for my small individual pot and larger ones for the bigger pots. I'm surprised how many of my friends have never seen a tea cozy before. They just stare at mine at tea time. :)
Absolutely love your embroidered cozy-so cheerful!

Steph said...

What a lovely collection!

Mary said...

Oops, almost missed this one - and tea cozies are one of my big loves. My mother used to always make ours and I still have one. Red velour with a really padded separate insert - I love it and always think of her when I use it.

Mary xo

Storybook Woods said...

That is a really beautiful collection. We use one all the time but mine are not as pretty as yours. Clarice

Tracy said...

Such a beautiful and varied collection, Marilyn! And I like how you've staged these. Your definition of a tea cozy is perfect too--a blanket for the tea pot! I just LOVE tea cozies, always have. I've always been rather fond of those embroidered one--usually linen with a English cottage & garden embroidered on it. A bit of lace works for me too... LOL! At the moment I have only two cozies, both ones I've made--a knitted one, as well as one done in fabrics. I only have two tea pots right now, having whittled my collection down over the years, but I'm happy with such a small collection that I use all the time. Less is more... ;o) ((HUGS))

Rosemary said...

What a beautiful collection of English tea cozies! Love the way you displayed them for their photo shoot!