Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter is in the Air

Easter always makes my heart sing.
It is just the pure JOY of Spring bursting forth.
New life in little bunnies and chicks.
Pastel colors tickling our hearts.
And rejoicing in the season and all the symbols
it represents.
The lentin rose (hellebore) and daffodils from my garden
sing to my heart.
Bunnies, nests, and eggs.
Even a chocolate bunny with a nibble on the toe.

Let us celebrate with a song in our heart,
a smile on our face,
and laughter in our soul.

Happy Easter, dear friends!


Madelief said...

A Happy Easter to you and your family as well Marilyn!

Madelief x

Jeanie said...

So darned cheerful and festive it's making my heart sing "In your Easter Bonnet!" I love those chicks. Oh, I love it all!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Happy Easter Marilyn.

It's a favourite time for me too - I hope to paint some egg shells today!
Beautiful vignettes of Easter decode - I'm smitten with your rabbit in her Easter bonnet and sassy bow tied at her neck!
Where did you find her?
I've searched for rabbits here but the majority are not pretty - I'm going out for a few things today so I'll keep looking!

Enjoy your chocolate tomorrow (I've eaten some of mine already shhhh)!

Shane x

Lorrie said...

Happy Easter, Marilyn. Your photos and words are full of the life and joy of this season.

Angela McRae said...

Hope yours was a lovely Easter as well! And I had totally forgotten that my blooming-for-the-first-time Hellebores are also called Lenten roses. Must check this out!