Wednesday, March 9, 2016

International Women's Day

Yesterday was International Women's Day.
Often throughout the day I thought of strong women,
women that touched me, and women around me.
Lek Chailert of the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand is 
one of those women. 
I was so honored to meet her a few years ago and to
follow her work on Facebook.
She is an amazing woman who not only rescues elephants
and has made a difference in their lives, but rescues whatever animal
comes across her path, even dogs and cats.
Also having had the opportunity to watch these women
arrive at a tea field in Taiwan, I was touched by their dedication
as they shared time together singing and chatting as they so
beautifully picked the tea that I drink.
We are blessed by some amazing women in each of our lives.
From our mother's, sister's, daughter's, dear friends, 
or women that just briefly cross our path.
I am thankful for those women.
They delight my soul.
They make me what I am today.
They are to be cherished.

A few years ago I did a series here on Strong Women.
If you would like to read some of the past posts
go to the word cluster on the right and click on the words
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Jeanie said...

Great photos and simply wonderful memories!

Steph said...


Rosemary said...

This was a great tribute post for International Women's Day! Loved your photos and your thoughts. And of course I remember your Strong Women series!

Mary said...

I loved this for such a special day - and reminds me of my fabulous times with elephants both in Thailand and Africa.

We women will remain strong and active - the world needs US!!!!

Mary x

Laura M said...

Thank you for this post! <3