Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Time at the Gardens

Spring time at Lan Su Chinese Gardens.
I love visiting the Gardens anytime of the year,
but Spring time just sings to my heart.

Happy Weekend, dear friends!
I hope Spring time is beginning to show it's lovely
face in your part of the world (or maybe it is Fall
for those down under).

I didn't hear from Blessed Brenda for the give-away,
another name has been drawn.
It is Lorrie of Fabric Paper and Thread blog.
Congratulations!  Lorrie!


Mary said...

Congrats. to sweet Lorrie - always a 'winner' in my book!

Oh the Lan Su gardens again, and now in Spring pink frocks and yellow tutus! I feel a dance party coming on in Portland Marilyn. . . . . . . and a very special occasion!

Warmest hugs - dance and sing, you do it so well.
Love, Mary

Laura M said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the round worn away holes in the stone!

Angela McRae said...

Oh yes, I love springtime, too! I like that rebirth is reflected even in the trees and shrubs, and yesterday, I noticed a rose bush I had neglected and thought had died actually still has life in it. So happy! Well, except for the thorns I latched onto when I was pruning some other roses yesterday. I was working on getting one thorn out until bedtime, but it finally came out. Happy spring!

Jeanie said...

Spring is doing its best, with bulb fronds popping and even some buds. That always makes us nervous here -- too close when any snow/freeze could happen. It's awfully lovely where you are!