Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Experience of Tea Time

Recently I have thought often about the experience of having tea.
Whether is it the sip while sitting alone or
the joint camaraderie of sharing time with friends.
Sitting at home, in a beautiful tea shop, or in the out of doors,
tea time is an experience not to be overlooked.
A time for sharing dreams and stories.
A time for reflection and meditation.

Let us lift our cup together.
Let us together take a sniff of the fragrance.
Sip the tea paying attention to the flavor.
Close your eyes and take a slow inhale.
Say, AHHH!  Breathe!
Are you feeling the warmth touch your center?
Quietly enjoy!
Be in the moment!
Tea time has a way of doing just that for me.


Ruth W said...

A perfect description of a favorite should indeed involve all the senses and result in joy, peace, well being and delight! So nicely put Marilyn!

Jeanie said...

Well! You're right -- and I think that maybe I'll take a computer break and do just that, have a spot of tea!

Lorrie said...

I find that when I take the time to drink tea properly - from a china mug or teacup, that it becomes a ritual and I find myself very present in the moment. A lovely collection of teacups, Marilyn - are they yours?

Tracy said...

Me too... You describe the sip moment so well, Marilyn! That first sip from the cup--I love the almost sacredness of it. The intention it offers me to slow down, to savor. Heaven in a cup! ;) LOVELY all these cups... And a lovely cup does add extra to the whole tea experience, elevating it just that little big higher. ((HUGS))

Heidi T. said...

Well said!

Relyn Lawson said...

"Be in the moment." That's exactly what I need a lot of this weekend. Hello, friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (Late, but with lots of love.)

Linda P said...

I hope you and your loved ones are in good health and you have been enjoying those special teatime moments you describe so well.